STCE Annual Meeting 2015

chaired by Ronald Van der Linden
Thursday, 11 June 2015 from to (CET)
at Plateau
Ringlaan 3 B-1180 Brussels

The STCE 2015 annual meeting will highlight the SOLAR/SOLSPEC mission on the ISS and Natural Hazards for Aviation.

After the plenary part, we take you on a trip along some Points Of Interest on the plateau. We will put the technology and hardware often hidden, on the foreground. You will meet the people behind it such that you know who to address in case.

Traditionally, we conclude with a lunch.

It would help us if we know how many people join for the tour and lunch. Simply click on the button below 'Apply here'. Thanks!

Participants Jesse Andries; Nicolas Bergeot; David Berghmans; Katrien Bonte; Kris Borremans; Carine Bruyninx; Stijn Calders; Sophie Chabanski; Simon Chabrillat; Jean-Marie Chevalier; Frédéric Clette; Christian Conscience; Norma Crosby; Erwin De Donder; Johan De Keyser; Pascale Defraigne; Veronique Delouille; Charles Delvaux; Andy Devos; Steven Dewitte; Mark Dierckxsens; Laurent Dolla; Jean-Luc Dufond; Aydin Ergen; Herbert Gunell; Lamy Herve; Caroline Housmans; De Backer Hugo; Frédéric Jamar; Jan Janssens; Thanassis Katsiyannis; Michel Kruglanski; Karolien Lefever; Graciela López Rosson; Jasmina Magdalenic; Romain maggiolo; Antonio Martinez; Neophytos Messios; Marilena Mierla; Christian Muller; Praveen Pandey; Viviane Pierrard; Joel Pierrard; Eric Pottiaux; Sylvain Ranvier; ghislain Rigo; Danislav Sapundjiev; Ludo Schryvers; Stan Stankov; Koen Stegen; Manon Urbain; Ronald Van der Linden; Roeland Van Malderen; Petra Vanlommel; Robbe Vansintjan; Almudena Velazquez; Cis Verbeeck; Tobias Verhulst; Yuriy Voitenko; Laurence Wauters; Andrei Zhukov
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  • Thursday, 11 June 2015
    • 09:45 - 10:00 Doors ( Meridian Room )
    • 10:00 - 10:05 Welcome 5' ( Meridian Room )
      Speaker: Ronald Van der Linden
    • 10:05 - 10:20 Taste of SOLSPEC 15' ( Meridian Room )
      Speaker: David Bolsee
      Material: Slides pdf file
    • 10:20 - 10:35 Natural Hazards Assessment for Aviation 15' ( Meridian Room )
      Speaker: Simon Chabrillat
      Material: Slides pdf file
    • 10:35 - 13:00 Points of Interest Tour 2h25'
      You will be guided in group along some Points of Interest at the plateau:
      SDO Data center - Koen Stegen, 
      Detector Lab - Samuel Gissot & Boris Giordanengo, 
      Clean Room - Eddy Equeter, 
      Meteor antenna - Hervé Lamy,
      3D printer and machinery - Jeroen Maes, 
      Electronics Lab and Engineering Realisations - Eddy Neefs & Sophie Berkenbosch,
      Solar Mechanics and Electronics - Jean-Luc Dufond, Aydin Ergen & Ghislain Rigo,
      meteo-measurements lab - Andre Chevalier & Christian Conscience, 
      B.USOC - Michel Kruglanski.
      The STCE Executive Committee will guide you along these hidden pearls.
    • 13:00 - 14:30 Lunch ( RMI canteen )