Basic Solar Physics Seminars (1/13) -Phenomenological description of the solar interior and the photosphere

by Frederic Clette

Wednesday, 11 October 2017 from to (Europe/Brussels)
at Meridian Room

We will start our journey to the Sun by jumping to its very center (virtually!) and going outwards. For this first part, we will describe its internal structure and the base layer of its atmosphere: the photosphere. The description of the main photospheric patterns and features (granulation, faculae, sunspots) will naturally lead us to the determination of the solar rotation, the heliospheric coordinate system and the solar activity cycle. Based on the observed surface properties of the magnetic fields and on new insights provided by helioseismologic soundings, we will see how the current models explain the solar magnetic activity by a deep-seated dynamo mechanism. Knowing the details of the engine under the hood, we will be ready to explore other parts of the Sun and the wide range of manifestations of magnetic activity in the following courses.

This seminar is the first of a series of seminars on the basics of solar and heliospheric physics, aimed at our ROB, IASB and RMI colleagues who have a sound knowledge of physics and mathematics but never had a formal education in solar and heliospheric physics. These talks will provide an overview of the most important aspects without going in too much detail. References for further reading are provided.

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