25-26 October 2017
Royal Observatory of Belgium
Europe/Brussels timezone

Session 1: Activities of the EUREF Governing Board


Session 2: Improving the EPN products

The ‘official’ EPN products are the daily/weekly EPN positions, the multi-year EPN station positions and velocities, and the tropospheric parameters of the EPN stations. They are based on the routine EPN data analysis as well as, presently, the products of EPN-repro2. This session welcomes presentations/posters covering

  • contributions to the above mentioned products (e.g. AC reports and coordinator reports)

  • validation tests of these products

  • proposals to improve the products

  • data quality review

  • processing option updates

  • proposals for new ideas/products to enhance the multi-disciplinarity of EPN

  • preparation of EPN-repro3


Session 3: Towards an official EPN densification product

The EPN Densification, presently organized by the Working Group on “EPN Densification”, is a joint activity of agencies and institutions from European countries, which operate and/or analyze the data from national GNSS networks (in addition to their EPN stations) and submit the results of their data analysis routinely to EUREF. This session welcomes presentations/posters covering

  • contributions to the above EPN densification (e.g. AC reports and coordinator/WG chair report)

  • validation tests of these densification product

  • proposals to improve the densification product (e.g. steps necessary to make it an ‘official’ EPN product)

  • co-operation with velocity-related EPN Working Groups in product testing and product exploitation


Session 4: Open session

This session is open to presentations/posters/discussions that are of interest to the community analyzing the EPN data, e.g.

  • experiences with multi-GNSS data analysis,

  • usage of EPN data,

  • contributions to, and problems with, the EPN tracking network and the data centres,

  • organization of future reprocessing,

  • usage of EPN real-time data,

  • changing role of the Analysis Centres.