2-3 May 2017
CET timezone
Scientific programme (oral sessions) available ! Deadline abstract submission for posters: 7 April 2017 !

Poster List


During the symposium, the following posters will be presented.


Title Presenter
Sulphur dioxide from Nyiragongo volcano measured from UV camera BRENOT, Hugues
Validation of satellite-based ozone and water vapor measurements by balloon sounding networks HURST, Dale
Retrieval of O and N2 distributions from PROBA2-LYRA occultation data DOMINIQUE, Marie
SPECIES: a new infrared laser spectrometer for in-situ stratospheric balloon-borne and airborne measurements of trace gases CATOIRE, Valéry
A new MesosphEO dataset of temperature profiles from 35 to 85 km using Rayleigh scattering at limb from GOMOS/ENVISAT daytime observations HAUCHECORNE, Alain
Piggybacking a small Langmuir probe instrument on Altius : Altius/SLP DE KEYSER, Johan
Methane profile validation for ALTIUS using the established Multi-TASTE QA/validation system KEPPENS, Arno
Experiences from GOMOS stellar occultation measurements SOFIEVA, Viktoria
On the validation of ALTIUS stratospheric water vapour profiles with ground-based and in-situ data VERHOELST, Tijl
Comprehensive assessment of the ALTIUS ozone profile products using the Multi-TASTE system HUBERT, Daan
Use of ALTIUS for exploratory studies in the NIR region and synergies with other instruments CAMY-PEYRET, Claude
Mesospheric Atomic Oxygen and Hydrogen Retrieval KAUFMANN, Martin
Operational validation of CAMS stratospheric ozone with limb-scanning satellite instruments CHABRILLAT, Simon
A  wide band radiative transfer model based on a fast correlated k-distributions generation CROIZÉ, Laurence
Very compact Fourier transform spectrometers for earth observation CROIZÉ, Laurence